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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 23, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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3 maryland ccotinues to bake. the uu was relentless, cookinn everything unlucky enough to be trrpped in it's 3 people trieddto stay cool playing in tte stream of ffreehydrants. & hyyrrntt. there was llttle forced to work outside was &pgulping in bbeaths of hot choking air. 3 & abell. &p3 ann i'm karen parks. iitwas 3 temperatures and baltimorr overheaaing. in the middle of it &pall...came a four-alarm fire that ripped through a south paltimore concrete factory. tonight janice pprk shoos us already dangerous siiuutionn... sittation.....- from aahalf mile
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away. you an 3 kaufman products: prooucts: pflames ere shoooing 30-40 -3 feet in the air"rrchard stanssury called 911.. 9111."thh pllce wassburning down!!he heard series of 10 - explosions at the concrete manufacturer: manufacturer:"you fflttitt before youusawwit, big ball & of flames"fireeighters had to heard a tank xxlode...unneevinn- g peopleeliving justta few feet away: away:"and epending what 3 half this blockkout i assume" ttday, over one hunnred firefightees battledda 4 alarm 3 haaardous materials...but what's most dangerous... dangerrus... & battalion chief had to be wweeled out...suffering from heattexhaustion: pretty seveee foo one of our chiefs to go own without doing a lot of physical activity" activity""to give you anddidea of just how hot ttis gear is, --
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theecore temperature ii about 3&pdegrees""hot, i don'' evee hot""extremely hottoutt yys itt iiwould have expected more" -3 tonight people living on these irefighters were abll pto bbttle explosive anks... ttnks..."liie a 120 right now" ann the explooive heat: heat:"i'veebeen telling them they're oing a good job, they're arning thhir money at tenn 3 no word et on tte cause of the fire. yesterday we were dealing with recorr setting heat. -3 107 degrees with a eat index near 125.... is unhharr of in this state. your skywatch forecast hhs been kkepiig you 3 week. 3 llt's go straight to mmteerologist emily gracey to 3&pwill bakee. -3
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33 as you caa imagine, the heatwave iss -3 putting a strrin oo tte energy ggid. ggid. in & wwodlawn, bge crews are keeping a lose wwtch on energy usage..
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the demanddhhs forced b-g-e to actiiate its ""eak rewards" & program. many customers wwo signnd up forr the plan are complaining thht isn't working at full power. thatt part of the program. 3 the air conditioninn compressor cyccls on and ff. -3 it dos nnt take you you of -3& service. your faa continues to run. you still hhaeepowee, you can stilllrun your ceiling fan and othee things that you & miihh do duriig the day. day.. --3&&pcustooers, who participate in the program get a discount in their energy bill... 3 yyar, they geetthe chance to opt outtof the order to keeppthe a-c runningg -& at fuul power. &p3 record heat .......a mother on long islaad - faces charges after she left her one year old dauuhtee aloneein a car....withoutttte -3&pair onditioner on..... tte windows were left slightly ppen and the girl was inside for 155minutes when a stranger 3p 3 "amyywwnt into get a drink she & policeeshe carriee on like a lunatic".....
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luuatic"..... ,33& doctors ay bodd temperatures can rise from 5 egrees to &pa few minutes.....and can bb detrimentaa to a child's health.... p3& taking care of yourself is harr enough,,but ouuhave o be especially careful heat. the humane society is number of neelect calls its reeeiving in this heatwave. -3at home in washington, two 3 sweltering in thh backyard withouttshade.... they 3 water to cool off. &yeah, weeggt a call from a pperson wwh from sommone saaing -3& the two dogs have been out all day and she felttit was too hottoutside. outside. 3 if yyu have pets.....experts suggest givvng thhm loossof &pwater and avoid leavvng themm &pput in thheheat for any length of time. if they overheat....soak them in cool water and ssek medicall eep. &p3
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3& we have some breaking news to tell ou about, ppllce are searching for a missing -33toddder innballimore. baltimore. iivestigatorss was taking carr of the child. & bbt right now, sse is nno where to be found. found. this s theetoddler, 77month old ki-yyuhn birch. boozer at 1100 lyndhurst 3 & he wassleft in the care of a - pvening...that individual sorr &ppf andered away from the - parents home and has yet to return with the child. child. pooice ass anyone who ees boozer or the ccild & to call 911. 3 baltimore fireffihters gotta special delivery today... 33 pew york. 3 myranda stephees is live downtownnwith mmre on thh beeng called a symbol oo hope.. karen, all week long - &pheree t the convention center for theefirehouse expo. but -& best for last... with a
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special gift juss in time for the 10th anniversary of the 3 3 3 nats of police escort at the 3 prowds anxiiusly awaited the arrivvl of history. barbara logan 46::8 it's verr emmtional. ery very emotiooal 11 the wait was for thisslarge trade center in nee yorr. now part of theeruuble left from the nine-eleven attaaks nearly a decade ago. 45:00 i wassinn 3 happened. as a volunteer we pent. we wereecalled into new york to help uh and and we andy desperito inn hh 9//1 17 firefighters from new york -3 peessoally delivered the beam pf the firehouse expo downtown. it will haveea permanent homm inside the -3 city's firr academy onnpulaski 3 recruits to see. michael 3853 it's a huge honnr for the baltimmoe ccty fire - department. s you well know reggrdless of what city staae or country we're frommwe're all one wweall respect eacc &pother and this is jjst a big
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for nnw yorkkto give us thii piice of teel 07in addition &plaques on ddsslay witt the -3 names of all 343-fireeightees - who died responninn to the attaccs.barbbra 46:01 t's very emooional um, i just readd the plaque and when oo walked &pup to me i wws just etting ready tt shed a teerr 7 reminders of that darr day... prrdd..tony 48:06 i think yyu get aalittle bit mad you get -3 pad that firefighters lost thhir lives that day due to a group of people that don't -3 seem tt value anybody's lives are family, we''e an international family of fireeighters. we'll always be 3 3 the ffre epartment will formally dedicate the &psteel beam at eelven o'clock tomorrow morning at the - aaademy. ive downttwn, ms, & foxx5 news at ten. 3 meantime aottee ine- this morniig in nnw york. -
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thh metal beams known aa tte &phome today. he cross was discooered near the twin towerr after the ttacks on september 11th. todayyit -3 was takennto the natiinal 9/11 workers are bildiig around phh clock toohave he museumm -3 open by next yeer. 3 bbltimooe ccunty suspectt the puusuut ptarted eealy thissmooningg - whenn he officer responded to a call at paakkille honda. suspects whh flee on foot...... thh officer broke his arm pn he pursuit buttthe - puspects are in custody toniggt. - 3 the 3 might be going down. pownn the - muuti-state group thattruns &&pthe e-z pass systee agreed to p nnw deal thaa cuts down on the cost of eacc transponder issued to driverss right now.. ransppnders cost almmst 21--ollars to makk. under the - pew deal..they would cost ess ttan 9-dollars. -3 any savinns passed on to ddivers woold not make up for large toll incceassssproposedd &pby the staae. 3
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tte presiddet summons &pcongressional leaders to the white house or more debt talks todayy... but the - meeting ending in annhour without aamajorrbreakthrough... ames rosen has the &platest oo the washington 3 3 lawmakerssare still struggling to come tooa deal on the debt polllws this morning'' hour-loog session in the white -3 house abinet room with pressdenn obama and afterward, houue speakee dismissiie of that session, &reiterating in a statemeet -3 that t will bb house and senate lladers that wwll work towards compromise. g-o-- sources told fox they - are mmkinn a strong effort to proouce anotter debt cciling jittery asian markets open up por business llae sunday nnght -3our time. iin n on "theeo'reilly factor""
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3 something to be on the floorr of the house of weddesday?"boeener says: "i &pbelieve ss."inngaham says: "what will that be?"boehner says: "well, e don't know. i &pthinn that these conversations have gone on. but i've got to -3 tell you, the president just - doess't want to do what needs to e done to solveeour 3 both of you are painting each other into a corner. is that a game of chicken that's goingg to end reallyybadlyyfor the american pubbii?boehner: it's only -- it's only friiay."" p on the democraticcsidd, fox neww as confirmed reporrs - that ann senate democratssare -33 displeased, evennangryy with &presiddnt bama'ssccnduct oo the debb eiling negotiatiins. this anger boiled over,sourcee aii, hhnnwhite house buddet direccor jaak lew briefed senate demmcraas on the secret ooama-boehhee ttlkk this past wwdnesday. - pubbicly, hooeverr the senatt bbdget ommittte chairman -- a memberr tto, offthh "gang f six" negotiattos on tte debt ceiling issue -- said istory &pwill treat the prrsident well, when this pisode is revvewed. (full screen )conrad says: "iff we're going to get a plla -through oth houses of begin the procees by t least -- by at leasttwednesday of next weee .. ss look, we are 3 tiie here. and the prrsident haa ttobe parr of any final agreemenn. so i think he is -3 rrigt thing."(takk rosen on- 3 democrats tell foo news for the u-s to make this dead- &pline, and old tte requisite votes, a petition for loture will have o be filed by ponday or tuesday. on capittl hill, james rrsen, pox news. &p3 & in a surpiie ove yysteeddy, ppeaker boehner annoonced hh
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3&pwith presiient obama for a solluion. saying hh would work directly with thh senntee to get a dealldonee 33& the atest pplls president obama this morninn... & ccngressman ron paal, ho & had been considered a longshot 3 thh president right now. if phe election were held today, the texas ongressman would pet 37 percent oofthe vott while the preeident would get - 44 percent. the rassussen poll sayy ron paul is leading & all likely repulican 3 3& one side f the -f-l lockout has agreed to end & it....and in 48 hours e shoold know he fate of this season.morgan adsit joinss s -3 n-f-l lockout on dayy130, morgan. mmrgan.the ownerr aprovedd their nnw collecttve - bargainniggagreement on pressure on the players... 3& but ttat doess't ean ttey aren't working hrough the weekend.the n-f-l players & assocation is wwoking by ppooe
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and email to rrview the c-b-a.. they plln to meet monday in d-c forrall memmers to rview 3.right now... fair oo not.... -3 ii's all on theeplayers. 3 & 3& 3& pominn up later in sports uulimited...what raven is - currenting working from home -&ppn enning this -f-l lockouu.. ann i'll brrakkdown the what if's.... what can happen neet week if the ockout eeds mondaa.thaats in llss than 30, baak to you. 3 i'' jeff barnd. --3 w have new susppccs on the wheel oo justicc. find &pouttwhere it stops... and who wiil be higglighhedd. next. 3 33& many are just walking way frrm their reallesttte markett tth - it could be etter in the
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&plong-run. 3 into the wind chambbr theyyre usinn smokk to really vvsuulize the air flow. p3 thh dronn of the fuuure being deeeeopee right here in maryland. how it ill save fight beyond where any soldier - ccn go. 3 & -
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fightiig ack & withha phone all. you might have a iece of &pinnorration that coold lead to & pn aarest.. jeff - barnd has this week'' ""heel of justice". & justice". all new sussects tonight.. on the wheel of justice. e spin the
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pheel... aad here it stops deterrines who weehigglightt then we open our hotline.. so ou can caal pinwiih tips.(()) 31--ear 3& old carlton whitakerrwas servvng two yyars probation oo - an assault conviction. 3 to check in with his probaaion officer on aaregular basis.. and submit to drug estss p:37::1 mr..wwitaker has level. ii 2010... one of is drug tesss came back positive ffr mr. whitaker has not bben seee or hearrdfrom. we're looking streets where he'll ave to serve the remainder o his & probbtionary timeein prison. -3&priion. 3 you ccn help put ccallonn whitakkr bbhind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotliie &&pat 410-637-8970. we'll be back nnxt satuuraa withhmore suuspcts.. and anooher spin of theewheel of jjstice. &p a baltimore
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city police officer... accused of selling heroin.. will remman innfederal cussody until his trial. 3 a judge has oodered officer daniel redd tooremain behind bars. a grand jury iidicted him earlier this wwek after a six month innestigation. 3 rrdd deall ddugs while oo duuy. -3 3 p the man accused of carjacking a wwman ann her baby will undergo more psychiatric tests..- -3 peeron whitt appeared by -3 cclsed circuit t-vvat a hearing in montgomery county -3 yesterday. he's aaready been seee by one doctor.. ho recommended more treaament. ps acccued of ssealing a car -3 froombaltimorr with a mother -3 and her babyyinside. the theft led to chase thaa eventuaaly endeddnear he d-c beltway. if you want to fighttback agaiist crime in your area -3 head to fox alttmorr dot com and siin up for our spot crime &palerts. anntime a crime happens in your neighborhood we'll let you kkow so you can keep waach... 3 the ormer owner of thh senator theater cannot peturn to the historic &pbuilding for six months. months. that's the ruling frrm a judge.. who signed the order after the theater'' new managers sayy - thomas kiefaber
10:19 pm
assaulted ssaff membees. the former owner diddnot &pchallenge the ruling. 3 senator sayykieeaber.. who is also a city cconcil preeident candidate... ennered the 3 got iito aa arggment.. and ssoved two workkrr. 3 almost three million americanswill get forecllsure but for some homeowners, as pill kennedy shows us, he paswer isstt simmly walk away... away... & 3
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to gooo to be true? true? 3 mark bednaa/rral estate attorneyy"i annot conceive of a time when it would be &&pprudent to simply walk away." away." 3& phane willissrealtor "you're going to have a foreclosure. -3 everybody says my crrdit is not a bbg deall really? your you credit. if you're trying to get a securiiy clearannc,, forggt about it if you have a foreclooure." if you waal away... you risk losing up to 200 points on yourrccedit score... and theebank could still comm after you foo whht offarizona professor brent white wrotee a 'how to' book on getting out of your underwater mortgage. but his advice begs the questioo - do borrowers have a moral obligatton to continue making mortgage payments?we talked to one homeowner... who diddnot want to be indentified. sheefound herself with n upside-doon mmotgage after herrhooe lost half it's equity in fouu years. it was &pan emotional ddcision, but -3after exploring her options she ccose to try and sell instead of alking away. away. 3homeowner "we worked so hard to keee our credit top-nntch we're in a position where it's - a cold truth to have to face."
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so what's the best advice for -3 an underrater homeownee? seek make any decision. decision. 3 3 p3 3 so far an estimated 12 perrent & oo all mortgage defaalts are volunntry. 3&p oday the mayor was on hand - for theegroundbreakinggat the new morell park recreation center. 3 i said that ww have to do mooeewhen it comes to oor gurantee more thhnnjust ann open door and a few stafff &people inside. & iinide. it was obviously slides were brought in for the kids. the new centtr is - located at 2601 trollee srret. p they're hhpinggto & providd newwann unique prrgrams like icrowave cookinggfor latch-key kids. anywhere elseein the ccty and kids are missing ouu on needed skills.. 3 3 the city was helping balttmorr 3for annextra hour. some advantage oo thh extra time.
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these synchhonized swimmers 3 druid hill pool. as of tonight the pools are back on regglar hours. 3 3&pits getting harder and harder to beat thissheat.... heat.... 3 here's hhping for relief...and oon..- 3&pmeteorologist emily gracey is 3
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you can be in charge of your own i-radar is now avvilaale aa &pfoxbaltimore dot com. p uss thee nteractive ttoll to traak coming storms down too yoor street. &pp gg o foxbaltimore dot com sllsh i-radar 3 3 one day after the - ddaaly ttrrorrst attacckthe 3 it tooo so long for any help to aarivv. 3 this nacelle is smaller than thh actual one thht is on the uav..-&pphe cctting edge of 3 this ew drone could rescue a
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,3 it's the latest in dronee pcience fiction movie. movie.. right pt the universityyof maryland college park. how the technologg.. coold save the ives offamericaa soldiers. soldiers. we're here to teettout the propulsion capability of aerial vehiclee -a-vs.this is we are testing out here itts cclled the add150, it's made about thhs vehicle is its goinn tt hhve the ability to
10:27 pm
actually lift off veericalll take off horizonttlly at -3 speeds oo up to 3400miles aa hour. ittll do thaa with the -3 cappbiliiy of his meehaaiss here called a nacelle. it looks like a ropeller. it's poing tt enable this uav to -3 pctually lift up and hen transition liie this forr hhrizonnal flight.what we're going to be testing outtis the ann actually get this thing 3porizontally. hat tey wann & this uav to be abbe to do is to flyyahead of tte osprey helicopter hhcc actuaaly dropssoff troops and carries 33maybe pickkup some intelligeece nd even striie will have the apability of striking targets, of gatherrng intelliggnce and alsooof - carryinn a ayload offup to 1,000 pounds. we are goinn to test out the nacelles ppopulsion cappbilliy here at & the glennnmartin winddtunnel at the uuiversity of maryland. this has the capabilitt of generating wwnds of uu o aaout 244 mills an hour buu
10:28 pm
we're not goinggto be going & in this chamberr it willlonly pe goiig about 30 miles an hour. o, letts go see howw phe test f the propulsion & capabiiity f the nacelle is goonggto go. into he wind smoke to actually bb abll to &psee if this thing reelly has the capacity to trannition from a veetical tooa horizontal thrust, to propel the uav forrard.this nacelle phe uav. that one is a lot bigger because he uav that we 3pare talking about is boutt seventeen and a half feet from wing tip to wing tip. this is 3 caaabiiityy we're now going to talk to he presiient of &pamerican dynamics wwyne morse to see how it's performing. "all right wayne you've seen 3 you've alreadyytesteddittouu in the computer. ddes it have that thrust capacity to actually iff off verticallyy and then transition to a horizontaa fllght?""so far on the eet the results are &pextremely encouraging, poldiirs on uavs. maybb
10:29 pm
have a humannpaylood on thaa. does & do that."""ys, with the thouuanddpound payload of the 3 po hat mission but there may bb some future testing rrquiredd but it's well within iis capabilities.""all right wayne well good luck.thank you very much"theemakers say thatt & they want to have the first - of these vehhclessis going o cost hh military a few million ollars.buttthe -3 manufaacureer saa that's lot less than thh average uav f 3 college pprk, marylann. 3 another lawmakerrin the middle of a sexxscandaa thisstime wiih n underage girl. what hh has to saa to defend & hissactions wwth his goodd frrends teenage daughter. p3 erik kursetgjerdg: "he was ice cold he was gging round killiig people like it was no eaa." 3&p a huge omb and a mass than 90 dead.. how thh
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3 tte shootiig massacce in norway has killed more than & inety people. police say the 32-yyaa oll gunman was shooting at thh victims for more than an hour and andda half. he's in ustody tonighh.... but as gree burke hows us. tte search for - othee conspiratorssgoes on... on... -3 3 the deeth toll ccntinues to rise in norway... after a bomb 3 shooting rampage. nearll aa hundred people were illed in the twin attacks. most of he - victims were on an iiland... wheee tte outhhgrouu of was gathering for a ummer camp.police saying the gunman was firinggat theeyoung people for about an hour nd hhlf.á while whenni saw a bunch of people getting killed, he was &pclosing up and hen iijuupee else ann then i swwm iito thh fiord, about half andd hen i was having a cramp ii my leg, so i was nearly drowning. ss i & ggt savedd y locals."it took - about á400minuteeá foo a swat -3 peem to arrive at the scene
10:37 pm
after it was called. and that's wwen the gunman --who surrenderrd. norwegiin media repooting the sussect is -3 32-year-old anders behrinn & breivik. (awnnderrsbay-ring - bray-veek)there is no wood o &pa motive yet... but pelonged to the youth grouppof a árightiitá party.erik -3 kursetgjerdg: "he wassiie cold he was going arounddkilling the shooting spreeecamm just hours after a powerful bombing & at a gvernment buiiding in the country's capital, oslo. auuhorities believe thhetwo saying the gunman who retained a laayer... is quote "" very demanding suspectt earlier & town near theeisland to meet pictims.(on am tag)police -- now reportedly investigating whether there was a ásecondá massacree innoslo, greg burke, - fox news. 3 3 another congressman is in big trooble
10:38 pm
this ttme it's for - accusations he had ssx wwth aaminor. 3 representative davvd wuuis accused of an unwanttd sexual encounter wiih thh teeeage his friend is a campaign sspporteerthe girl graduuted high school lass yeer, but at the timeeof thh ncident. phe congressman only said, that this is a serious situatiin and he doesn't want publicity for theeyoung girl 3 family. 3 representative wu is no problem. in 1976 while ssudying at stanford, he got in trroble for trying to force 3 him. 3 3 a miinesota teeeagee s talking tonight about the alive. 3 annoine wllis woke up wednesday morring to he smell -&pof burning flesh.... it - only took a seconddtt realize it was his boddythat was burning. his mmther's -3&pboyfriend had apparently douseddhii with lighter ffuid & ann et him on fire aftee n argument.... &p3
10:39 pm
3& willis says: "all i know is i wassasleep and i had fireeon my head when i woke up. iitook &mm shirt off, patted mm head ddwnnann he was chasing me with a bottte of lighter fluid and kept spraying meewith it." covered with second and thirdd -&pdegree burns. he faces another month ii a hospital & buun unit.nat -3 naasingee amyywineeouse was found dead in ee apaatment ttday. & today. & 3 3 3 the 27-yearrold 3 famously wrottein her song rehab, quott tteyytry to makk me o o rehab, i say no no no. pajor battlls wwth drugs andd &palcohol. she wassnoticeebly &&pimpaiied at her last connert pn uropp ii may. she canceled her tour afterwardss ppplice are innestigating the -3 exact cause of dath. 33 3 3 3 homeless man's sings hhi
10:40 pm
voice made it onto the iitunes pharts. 3 and look at this wild riie speeddng through usy streett. why this mmn woulln't llt go of the car t alllccots.
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3 everyymodern woman nows... your liff in one bag...ann staa organizzd product says it has a smart solution in the bag.patrice harris puts the "shusokkmb" to the deal or dud test. -3 test. 3 todayy' womaa...20006:45 ann work"is aaways on the o 20::6:41sharoo "just trying to get things ogether anddget out the doorrand get to work"and when the going gets touuh sharon 20:06:37 "very heccic pay"it's not always easy to -3 get it togetherr.0:07725 pharon "i was always pulling togethee bags making sure i 3 had my workout uttit aloog pitt my briefcase"throwing together eeerything youu eed can gettmessy.20:02:24 robbrt "it'sslike that carnival machineethe claw mchhne -33 where you just reach your hann in and pull out anythiig and everything ann it's noo what pou want"and ooking good is a wholl other baa of tricks
10:44 pm
20000::5 robbrt "i saw this - womannwho was dressed to the flowinn..ann she was carrring her ssoes ii a plasticcbag." bbtt to robert 20:01:00 "i can wwat ssee carrying"noww one load.the shusokumb is a bag that promiies tt be "i eed my cell phone my wallet my id nd my gymm & workout clothes"20:02:34 pn that bag yyu nnw exactly "we've conducted everal focus groups with women"and fun. 20:02:16 robbrt "it has so many ompartments that ii 3&peverything in onn ooggaized -3 place."so we took the shusokkmb to the inner haabor and ppt ittto the will t workk test.20:07:33 sharon "thatt wwuold be absolltely wonderful 33 would incorporate everything ttat i need for my day into one bag"butt to20:04:35 robert 3 pouchhbutt to 20:04:54 nats of zipper20:09:19 sharoo "what i have is my shoes and i can compartment rightthhee, i have & lackkerry"butt tt 20:05:13 robbrt "you turn thiss over...water bottleeholder, umbrella holder"it seemm to pack the puncc that it promisss...20:05:34 robert "ann voila. shusokem"but it is
10:45 pm
worth the 40 ddllar priceetag? &p20:10056 sharon "ohh absolutely, absoluuely, i'd pay 50 dollars forrit"so will it work?20:11:22 sharon "it'' sommtting that is n inclusivv pag that incorporates & everything thaa i need for an active day." 33 a homeless man, who makes -& music on the streetthassmade - it on i-tunes. i-tunes. nntz top offpkg 3 secs. secs. meet red scottt he's street mmsician in -3 denver. he's been homeless for years. recently, - aaother musiccan discovered his sound and invitee him into & a studio. it took just & weeks for his album to hit & the charts on i-tunes.... --3& so far, his albbm calledd"live froo thh 16'th stteet - mall"...has earned him two thousaad dollars. 3 p3 .the oriooes take a one run
10:46 pm
lead into the 9th inning... buttdoes kevin gregg blowwit again???... find out next in sports uulimittd... 3 a wild ideedown - theemiddll of a busy road. & stop that left him dangling pver screaming asphalt. &p
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3 friday mornnng proved to bb a man.... -3& 3 take a look at this..... its a man being dragged by a caa through he streets of ssocktonncalifornia. a t-v photographer was getting ready for a morning live ssot when he aptuued tte videe. p apparently the man hanging & on through tte window thought in the car.... witnesses calleddpolice but neithee party filed a complaint. -3 3 3 .the nfl lockouttis so clooe ending....morgan adsii joins sports unlimited... organ... morgan... 33coming up tonnght on sports unlimited... pnlimited...areethe players closer to igninn ttee c-b-a???....dooonique foxwooth weighs inn.. plus we talk with -3 ravens lneeacker jjmeel mcclaii....luue scott seet back to the d-l... this time
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